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Muhanad Cars for Automotive Trading Company Limited is one of the core companies of Muhanad Group was Established in 2006 in the Kurdistan region of Iraq supplies a wide variety of automotive brands in the country. Muhanad Cars serving its customers in over 10 cities with having 11 current branches. Besides its own network, Muhanad Cars distributing vehicles among proxy which is 105 resellers all over the country. Due to the recent pandemic, Muhanad Cars provides attentive reseller care and ensures that our resellers across the proxy have financial flexibility throughout their business journey with us.



Muhanad Cars aim to meet the needs of Iraqi local markets in General and the Kurdistan region in particular and provides local markets with cars with leading brands due to the company’s extensive experience in Iraqi markets. Therefore, New showrooms and maintenance centers have been established with distinctive locations and high specifications in the Iraqi governorates in order to obtain exclusive contacts with international car companies.



Muhanad cars believe that the success of the company depends on customer satisfaction, giving him a priority and dealing with his honesty and transparency. Our experience has enabled us to know and understand the needs of our customers to offer them competitive prices and the best services by choosing a professional team with expertise and efficiency.

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