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Since its inception in the late fifties as ARCHS Company; the business started in wholesale trading with a persistent commitment to excellence and expansion and has firmly established itself by starting its ongoing investment in various industries inspired by a wise and ambitious vision, along with a firm belief in the region’s growth potentials, leading eventually to the establishment of March Holding Company. Excellence does not come by chance, rather; it is the fruit of ongoing commitment to the highest standards of professionalism. Comprised of a skilled team of highly-experienced specialists; March Holding Company attempts to add to its growing portfolio of investments in different industries including hospitality, trading, property development and construction, information technology and internet services, Telecommunication, E-Commerce, FMCG (Fast Moving Consuming Goods). Inspired by one man’s vision; the Company was founded in the fifties in Iraq and has set its print on the map as one of the first pioneering companies in trade and real-estate fields. The company has started wholesale trading using structural steel material and later developed to offer pre-fabricated building with imported materials from the UK and Netherlands during the late seventies and early eighties. Since then, the company has been offering stellar services in the real-estate and construction fields along with pre-fabricated buildings, warehouses and office construction. Adding up to its continuous success; March Holding Company started its ongoing investment in the food industry and real–estate development, telecommunication, information technology and internet services across Jordan, Iraq and the UK becoming one of the most successful diversified investment holding companies. MHC’s strong vision to lead current and future investments across different markets and industries is based upon an in-depth analysis and understanding of investment opportunities. Our commitment to the growth of the national economy of Iraq has been a cornerstone in our investment strategy and expansion goals. This has been translated through the openness towards building new partnerships in various fields including Information Technology, Telecommunications, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Property Development and Hospitality.

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