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Holland Bazar is one of the first specialized companies in the public trade, especially the trade of food commodities in Iraqi Kurdistan. It is one of the largest and most diversified companies in the Middle East. It is one of the leading companies in importing European and American goods which is unmatched by all companies. This contributed directly to our company becoming one of the most well-known companies among the countries in a few years. There are now branches of Holland Bazaar in the provinces of Kurdistan in Erbil, the beloved capital, and Dahuk, the bride of Kurdistan, where there are 8 branches in the province of Erbil and in the province of Dohuk (3) branches and available in each branch of management and teams work and staff with the highest technology and international quality in terms of competencies in this area. Holland Bazaar deals with Turkish and Italian companies and enjoys very good relations directly with major companies in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Egypt along with their distributors. The company is now one of the largest importers of European goods in the Kurdistan region and after achieving many successes in the field of marketing now the company has an office in the United States and is specialized in contracting with foreign companies and Jean The company’s management in 2013 opened branches in the province of Erbil and after successive successes swept Holland Bazaar market Erbil and now owns (8) branches In the province and continue in progress and expansion and God reconcile. In addition to the service of our customers in ways that are certified and effective and useful for this we seek to become pioneers in providing the best solutions for food and also aims to Holland Bazaar to create a wonderful atmosphere among all members of the family during the shopping process.