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OUR APPROACH As we can see, city center slemani located in the center of sulemani. We want to provide all the needs for our people in one palce. OUR STORY We started in 2013, by bringing all the shops, cafeterias, restaurants that are necessary for the people who are leaving in Sulemani, and by providing all the necessary needs that is needed. CITY CENTER SLEMANI MALL'S HISTORY AND VISIONS...... City Center malls grand opening in 2013 was a huge success, becoming the most modern multi- purpose shopping mall in Slemani. With the opening of Cozmo hypermarket, City center pushed ahead of competing malls to the number one mall in Slemani. With a prime location surrounded by apartment and housing complexes, as well as access to the mall from one of the major roads in Slemani, the Malik mahmood ring road, City center became the center of shop- ping in Slemani.