Hawa Jobs: The One-Stop Job Website in Iraq

Posted on 24/11/2018
Hawajobs The One Stop Job Website

Employers: The Recruitment Process

It is worth deciding whether your company wants an experienced recruitment agency or an in-house recruitment process. But bear in mind that both processes should be hinged on the projected outcomes. 

1. CV Screening Services: Hawa screen service has been integrated into the system so as to cater to clients who have received a colossal vacancy-response from would-be employees after a vacancy has been advertised. Many clients may not have the resource or time to carry it out. At Hawa, the qualifications and backgrounds of applicants are verified and certified. 
2. Posting a job: You can also post a job for Iraqi nationals and get the best from their job market. 
3. Nurturing the Team: After recruitment, the nurturing of your team to get a well-oiled working outfit for greater outcomes should follow.

Employers: 10 Recruitment Pitfalls to Avoid When Hiring

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when hiring:

1. Identify the role you are advertising accurately. Do not copy and paste old job descriptions, but write all the details for the applicant. 
2. Take care of your grammar and spelling to increase the traffic of applicants. Be precise and clear by cutting on paragraphs and using bullet points to show requirements and responsibilities. The applicant will find it easy to apply. 
3. The role should be clearly defined so that you can measure it against the candidates' qualifications. 
4. Interview: An interview is a two-way traffic. You need to sell your company to candidates well since they are interviewing you as well. Let the candidates know your values. This will persuade the crème de la crème to apply. 
5. Overqualified: The assumption that overqualified people will move on is a false belief. Allow all the applicants to come for the interview for you to find out the best. 
6. Do not rely solely on an interview process, but you could ask the applicant to come for a trial shift for you to get who the candidate is. 
7. Interview questions: Use your intelligence to get the most suitable candidate. Do not show your ignorance as an employee by asking the wrong questions. Ask the right and concise questions to show the value of your company, and what you need from the potential employee. Use all your assets to determine which candidate will be best suited. 
8. The ideal candidate will not necessarily be available. If none of your candidates fit the description of the best employee, you should look for potential in an applicant. 
9. Embrace diversity: To improve your company's performance, get people from different backgrounds. They will bring along diverse experiences. 
10. Implement a probation period where you will get to know the person’s true character. Hawa Jobs has become a major outlet for sourcing jobs in Iraq. The website shows different industries and sectors that have job openings like gas, NGO opportunities, oil and many more. The website is strict about the employer having the right resources that can meet its target.

In this week's blog post, we take a look at what's on offer, from both employer and candidate perspectives:

Candidates: 5 Reasons to Use Iraq’s Hawa Jobs to Get Your Dream Job 

For job-seekers, Hawa Jobs has become the major job-search platform in Iraq. Here are some reasons why you should use it to find your dream job: 

1. It is an easy, free and quick process. In two minutes only, you will be through with uploading your CV. 
2. Exposure: At Hawa Jobs, we work with diverse companies in Iraq that are looking for employees. You will get the best exposure to jobs and cultures. There are many jobs posted from different sectors and positions. Upon uploading your CV, you place yourself on the platform for recruiters and employers to contact you. 
3. Job alerts: Since creating job alerts at Hawa is free, there is a high possibility of getting the job you desire. The alert will come to your email, and you can move on to apply for the job online. 
4. Career advice: You can also visit our Hawa Blog and get posts that are loaded with invaluable information on how to go about with your application. Your CV will stand out from the rest since it is furnished with vital information obtained from experienced recruiters. 
5. Search: You are able to search for employers instantly. Through the Search Employers’ Page, you are able to browse all employers on the Hawa Jobs board platform. 
6. Variety: At Hawa, you are able to apply for many jobs in very little time. The Hawa application process is user-friendly. Clicking the apply button and attaching your CV is all you require. With your LinkedIn account linked to Hawa, your experience will be even simpler. 


A visit to Hawa Jobs will get you the job you have been looking for as a candidate. But as an employer, you will need to post a job and savour the universality and diversity of Hawa.