Building Your Ideal Team In Iraq

Posted on 25/09/2018
Hawajobs Building Your Ideal Team In Iraq

Meeting your business objectives is all about having the right resources in place to deliver. The most important resource for any business is your personnel. If you have the right people present, then you stand a good chance of pushing your business further.

Assembling a great team, however, isn’t always easy. When looking to push on with your business aims in Iraq, you’ll need to give consideration to a range of area. In this article, we investigate key issues that are at the heart of the team building process.

Defining your requirements

To begin with, you’ll want to define your needs. If you’re building a team to complete a particular project, or as part of a longer-term delivery strategy, then you need to think about the different elements that will come together to represent success.

As a starting point, there is a decision to be made on how the team is to be managed. Will you be directing operations yourself, or is the intention to make use of somebody else’s skills? The team leader is likely to be central to the performance of the team as a whole, so this is a decision that you can’t afford to get wrong.

If you’re intending to use another individual as team leader, then will you be using a current employee for the role, or are you considering a completely new hire? It goes without saying that you’ll want to carefully consider your options. The ideal team leader will be a great communicator, will have strong organisation skills and will be good at motivating others.

Beyond the team leader, what other roles will be required? Having clear ideas will make the recruitment process easier, but do allow for some flexibility. There are sometimes opportunities to recruit individuals who offer a broader skillset than you might have imagined, or where their experience lends itself to heading in a different direction. So define the required roles, but ensure that there is room to make tweaks.

Finding the right people

Where will you start your search for the best candidates? Don’t forget that your existing network is often a great starting point, since you may already know individuals that would be a good fit. There may be people who become unexpectedly available, so it’s always worth getting in touch with these contacts. There’s a key advantage here in knowing people already and hence having a good idea of how they will fit in with the team.

Your network can get you started, but there’s a fair chance that you’ll need to look beyond those individuals. Making use of a specialist recruitment agency can be a big help in this area. This is particularly the case when recruiting for roles in Iraq. A specialist agency will already have a list of candidates who may be suited to the roles that you have in mind, helping to provide a shortcut to getting the key players in place.

The recruitment process

Will you be handling the recruitment process in-house, or relying on external expertise. There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches, but you need to concentrate on outcomes.

Ultimately, you’re looking to recruit individuals with the right skillsets, who will integrate well within the team environment. Bear in mind that the best candidates are likely to be in demand and that there will be an element of trying to sell your business and the role to the best candidates. Be prepared to show some flexibility at this point, as sticking too tightly to specifics on salary and role can limit your team building options.

After recruitment

The team building exercise doesn’t end at the point when you have recruited all team members. Nurturing that team successfully is key to getting the best outcomes from the individuals involved and from the team as a whole.